What name means Meadow?

What is a nickname for Meadow?

Origin: English. Meaning: “a lea, a grassy field” Best Nicknames: Med, Meddee, Meddie.

What boy name means Meadow?

Abel – Bosley

  • Abel▲ .. from an Assyrian word meaning “meadow” .. …
  • Ackerley. Derivative of Old English language. ” Oak meadow.” …
  • Ainsley. Derivative of Old English word. ” …
  • Ardley. Stems fr. …
  • Arley. Origin fr. …
  • Ashley▼ From Old English. ” …
  • Atley. From Old English word. ” …
  • Bailey▼ From Old English element. “

Although Meadow was probably in circulation as a girl’s name in America during the 1960s and 70s, it wasn’t common enough to make the Top 1000 list. … Meadow is still a low ranking name and hardly given to 300 baby girls per year, but “hay”, at least she’s on the charts.

What is Shirley short for?

Shelley, a nickname for Shirley.

In 2018 the uncommon name Shirley, ranked the 1,464th Most Popular Girls Name in the United States. This once, top 1000 name, Shirley is currently less popular. It reached its highest popularity ranking of #2 for the first time in 1935 and as recently as 1936.

What middle names go with Meadow?

Middle name, to go with first name Meadow.

  • Meadow Blythe Morgan.
  • Meadow Kate Morgan.
  • Meadow Anne Morgan.
  • Meadow Leigh Morgan.
  • Meadow Paige Morgan.
  • Meadow Claire Morgan.
  • Meadow Lise Morgan.
  • Meadow Faye Morgan.
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Is Meadow a name?

The name Meadow is primarily a female name of American origin that means Field Of Grass Or Vegetation.

Who has the name Meadow?

Meadow Origin and Meaning

The name Meadow is a girl’s name. How perfect was it that Tony Soprano’s daughter’s name was Meadow, suggesting that the TV mobster was once a kinder, gentler young dad.

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