What name means owl?

Name Gender Meaning
Eerin Girl Small grey owl
Kapueo Both The owl
Kotori Boy Screech owl spirit ( …
Kotori Boy Screech Owl Spirit

What name means Little Owl?

Glaucidium: The diminutive form of the Greek word “glaux”, or “little owl”.

What name means wise owl?

Associated with the longest river in Ireland. Composed of the Gaelic elements “sean” and “abhann.” Used sporadically as a given name starting in the late 1800s, peaking at No. 98 in 1976.


meaning Little wise owl
origin Celtic Gaelic Irish
popularity familiar
syllables 2
starts with S

What girl name means star?

Feminine Names That Mean Star

  • Astra (Greek)
  • Astraea (Latinized Greek)
  • Bituin (Tagalong)
  • Csilla (Hungarian)
  • Dzvezda (Macedonian)
  • Estelle (French)
  • Estrella (Spanish)
  • Seren (Welsh)

What is another name for owl?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for owl, like: owlet, bird-of-prey, night-bird, bubo, strix, hooter, nocturnal bird, bird-of-night, owl pigeon, bird-of-minerva and satinette.

What does the Celtic owl mean?

Native Wildlife. Owl – The owl is traditionally seen as a symbol for wisdom. Owls live within the darkness, which includes magic, mystery, and ancient knowledge.

What names mean hawk?

ASTOR: French and German name derived from Occitan astor, meaning “goshawk,” itself from Latin acceptor, a variant of accipiter, meaning “hawk.” It was originally a derogatory term for men with hawk-like, predatory characteristics. CHAYTON: Native American Sioux name meaning “falcon.”

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