You asked: What does the name alive mean?

Having life or vigor or spirit. Synonyms: animated. Mentally perceptive and responsive (“alive to what is going on”) Synonyms: alert and awake. (often followed by `with’) full of life and spirit (“she was wonderfully alive for her age” and “a face alive with mischief”)

What is the literal meaning of alive?

1 : having life : not dead or inanimate. 2a : still in existence, force, or operation : active kept hope alive. b : still active in competition with a chance of victory must win to stay alive in the playoffs.

What is the figurative meaning of alive?

If you’re alive, you’re living — in other words, you’re not dead. … The word is often used to mean “spirited” or “full of energy,” too, as when a birthday party comes alive just as the magician and the pony arrive. Alive comes from the Old English phrase on life, “in living” or “in life.”

What does yet alive mean?

1 (of people, animals, plants, etc.) living; having life. 2 in existence; active. they kept hope alive, the tradition was still alive. 3 immediately postpositive and usually used with a superlative of those living; now living.

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What does very much alive mean?

“Very much” is used to put emphasis on the verb that comes after, but it is not commonly used. Usually used when people are expecting the opposite, like people think something is dead and you say no it is very much alive.

What is the opposite of being alive?

Opposite of continuing in existence, operation or use. inactive. dead. inoperative. inoperable.

What things are alive?

Organisms are all things that are alive. Plants are organisms. So plants are alive!

Examples of living things:

  • Animals.
  • Plants.
  • Insects.
  • Birds.
  • Snails.
  • Worms.

How do you spell still alive?

British Dictionary definitions for alive

  1. (of people, animals, plants, etc) living; having life.
  2. in existence; activethey kept hope alive; the tradition was still alive.
  3. (immediately postpositive and usually used with a superlative) of those living; now livingthe happiest woman alive.

What do we mean when we say something grows?

to increase gradually in size, amount, etc.; become greater or larger; expand: His influence has grown. to become gradually attached or united by or as if by growth: The branches of the trees grew together, forming a natural arch. to come to be by degrees; become: to grow old.

What is the word for alive but dead?

: alive but as if dead : dull, spiritless.

What’s dead but alive?

I am dead but alive, I eat but am never satisfied, I consume knowledge but gain none. What am I? Answer: A Zombie.

How are you still alive meaning?

It means that you’re not dead yet.

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still alive means that a person can talk, can walk, like you are still living, if you are dead… then you are not alive. You are dead. If someone say I’m still alive, that mean the person is not dead yet. I hope you know the meaning of “yet”.

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