You asked: What does the name amarion mean?

Greek. From the Greek name Amarantos, the name of the Amaranth flower, which means “unfading”. Saint Amarion is what the French call St Amarinus, a Benedictine monk.

How do you spell amarion?

The meaning of the name “Amarion” is: “Populous; flourishing”.

  1. Categories: African American Names, American Names, English Names.
  2. Used in: English speaking countries.
  3. Gender: Boy Names.
  4. Origins: American, Arabic.
  5. Starts with: A.

What does the name aodha mean?

Irish Baby Names Meaning:

In Irish Baby Names the meaning of the name Aodha is: Fire; fiery.

What does the name Elland mean?

Firstly, it is derived from the Old English “ealand,” meaning “low-lying land” or “island.” Alternatively, it may be derived from several place names in Northern England, such as Ealand in Lincolnshire, Little Eland in Northumberland, or Elland in Yorkshire.

Is Teagan an Irish name?

Teagan is an Irish female or male given name that means attractive, beautiful or perfect.

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