Your question: What does the name Carreon mean?

The French name Carreon first arose during the Medieval period in Normandy. It is derived from when the family having lived at Cairon in Calvados, which was in Normandy.

What is Carreon?

Carreon (plural Carreons) A surname, from Spanish, an anglicization of Carreón.

Is Carreon a Spanish name?

Spanish (Carreón): variant of name Carrion.

What does the name Lawley mean?

English (chiefly West Midlands): habitational name from Lawley in Shropshire, named in Old English as ‘Lafa’s wood’, from a personal name Lafa (from laf ‘remnant’, ‘survivor’) + leah ‘wood’, ‘glade’.

Where does the surname Carrion come from?

Spanish (Carrión): habitational name from a place of this name in the Spanish province of Ciudad Real, or from Carrión de los Céspedes in Seville, or Carrión de los Condes in Palencia.

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