Your question: What does the name Dorsett mean?

English: regional name from the county of Dorset, named from Old English Dorn, an early name of Dorchester (of British origin, from durn ‘fist’, probably referring to fist-sized pebbles) + s? te ‘dwellers’.

What does the name Gilder mean?

The name Gilder is of Anglo-Saxon origin and came from the Old English word Gold. This term was often used as an endearment or show of affection. “This surname is derived from the name of an ancestor. ‘the son of Gold. ‘ from the Anglo-Saxon word gold, metaphorically precious.”

What does the name Schermerhorn mean?

Schermerhorn is the most important town in the north part of the province of North Friesland, Holland. Geographically it is situated on the north east corner of what was known as Schermer Eiland*, from which position it derived its name, “Horn,” “Hock,” meaning peak or point.

What does Gilder mean in Northern Ireland?

gildernoun. someone whose occupation is to apply an overlay of gold or gilt.

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