Your question: What does the name Renata mean for a girl?

Renata as a girl’s name is of Latin origin meaning “reborn”.

Is Renata a good name?

Renata is currently a Top 10 favorite girl’s name in Mexico so certainly this is helping her cause in the U.S. It’s a name mainly used among Hispanic-Americans and, given the name’s etymology, perhaps religiously conscious ones at that (in honor of Christ’s resurrection).

Renata is a common female name in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia. The feminine Renate is common in German, Dutch and Norwegian. In Russia the names Renat (Russian: Ренат) (usually as Rinat) and Renata (Russian: Рената) are widespread among the Tatar population.

What does the name Renata mean in Hebrew?

Renata name meanings is Born again.

What is a nickname for Renata?

Origin: Latin, Italian. meaning: “reborn” Best Nicknames: Rennie, Nanna, Nata, Natta.

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What nationality is the name Renate?

The name Renate is a girl’s name of German, Latin origin meaning “to be born again”. Common French and German alternative to Renata.

Where does the name renada come from?

Meaning of Renada: Name Renada in the French origin, means A reborn woman. Name Renada is of French origin and is a Girl name. People with name Renada are usuallyby religion.

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