Your question: What is the meaning of my name Richelle?

Meaning:rich and powerful ruler. Richelle as a girl’s name is of American origin meaning “rich and powerful ruler”.

This name is not popular in the US, according to Social Security Administration, as there are no popularity data for the name. This doesn’t mean that the name Richelle is not popular in other countries all over the world.

What does Richelle mean in French?

Richelle is baby girl name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is French. Richelle name meanings is Brave ruler. People search this name as Translate richelle in french.

What is Richelle short for?

Nickname(s) Rae, Rach. Related names. Rachael, Rae, Rahel, Rahela, Raquel, Raye, Ruchel. Rachel (Hebrew: רָחֵל, Standard Raḥel Tiberian Rāḫēl, Rāḥēl‎), meaning “ewe”, is a feminine given name.

What is the meaning of my name?

The name My is primarily a female name of Scandinavian origin that means Form Of Mary.

Is Richelle a unique name?

Richelle is an unusual baby girl name. Its usage peaked in 1972 with 0.016% of baby girls being named Richelle.

What is the meaning Richard?

The first or given name Richard originates, via Old French, from Old Frankish and is a compound of the words descending from Proto-Germanic *rīk- ‘ruler, leader, king’ and *hardu- ‘strong, brave, hardy’, and it therefore means ‘strong in rule‘. … “Richard” is a common English, German and French male name.

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Is Rachel an attractive name?

While off its peak, Rachel is still one of the most popular girls’ names starting with R as well as one of the most classic names for girls.

Is Rachel a French name?

French: metronymic from the female Biblical name Rachel, meaning ‘ewe’ in Hebrew. In the Bible (Genesis 28–35), Rachel is the wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin.

Can Rachel be a boy’s name?

Rachel: It’s a girl!

Since 1880, a total of 188 boys have been given the name Rachel while 552,019 girls were named Rachel.

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