Quick Answer: How do I get to the shipwreck in Divinity 2?

Progress Shadow over Driftwood until you reach Reaper’s Coast, then teleport to the nearby ship wreck with the hatch and use it. As it turns out the ship is the Peacemaker. Teleport the Captain’s Amulet in the Deathfog next to you, then loot it to complete the quest.

How do you get to Mordus cave?

If you teleport your entire team on the beach that is next to the shipwreck and enter The Wreckers Cave from this side then you will be able to face Mordus immediately.

Should I let Mordus go?

Killing Mordus will end the fight but you will lose out on the EXP from the other dwarfs. Also, if you kill Mordus before going through the whole cave, the possessed dwarfs you’d have to fight all around will be friendly (and you will be missing on EXP).

How do I get into Undertavern?

Go to the bottom floor. Kill everyone there if you wish, or if you have high persuasion, persuade the guy to leave. The cell in the backroom has a hole you can dig up to drop in.

How do you survive death fog?

Death fog lingers in the air. So what you want to do is to create steam. My way was to use a water arrow and follow with a fire arrow. This removed the death fog, ever so slowly.

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How do you kill Marg the troll?

Tips & Tricks

  1. Applying “burning” to Grog and “poisoned” to Marg removes their troll blood regeneration effect. …
  2. Both Grog the Troll and Marg the Troll are immune to Knocked Down and Petrified status effects.

Should I kill Lohar dos2?

To clarify for anyone looking for the answer to this question: Lohar has a lot of quests, and Beast will leave the party if you kill Lohar in front of him. But you CAN kill him with no negative effects if you do it right.

Can you go back to Driftwood?

It’s a whole new act so you can’t go back to driftwood again. Be sure to complete all the quest you care about before leaving.

How many source points can you get in Divinity 2?

Thanks to that your characters will be able to store 3 Source Points.

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