Is Cthulhu bigger than Godzilla?

The Cthulhu is way bigger than Godzilla as it is said according to the books that sailors have seen this particular creature and it is said that he could stand at the bottom of the ocean and reach a mile high. This is according to the books.

Can Superman beat Cthulhu?

Superman wins by a large margin. Both Superman and Cthulhu are almost impossible to kill, but in this fight, Cthulhu will have the upper hand if he can figure out any of Superman’s many weaknesses.

Can Cthulhu beat Goku?

Full-power Goku roflstomps; Cthulhu has no destructive feats approaching the level of Goku’s. The two occupy very different places in their respective universes. In the DBZ universe, full-power Goku is one of the most powerful beings ever to exist or that could ever exist.

Does Cthulhu eat?

Cthulhu does not want to eat anybody. The Earth is Cthulhu’s home. When Cthulhu rises, he will simply reclaim what is his. Humans will try to placate him, but they will at best be useful idiots.

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