Is the talisman scary?

The Talisman is one of my favorite Stephen King stories. The mood is dark but not depressing, the characters are heroic but still very human, and the world is exquisitely detailed and believable. The Talisman also has a fairy tale quality that gives it a broader appeal than a typical “horror” story.

Is The Talisman for kids?

Danijela No. It is full of ugly scenes, fillthy words and violence. Eric White I would also have to say NO. There’s a lot of violence and gore, plus a few creepy sexual insinuations regarding children during the hitchhiking portions of the story.

Is the book it appropriate for 10 year old?

There are many reviews from parents stating that the book is a nightmare for kids below 16. So you may have to wait a while before reading it as the book is not child friendly. You can watch the movie instead. The book is always better, actually best, but in this case you better watch the movie for now.

Should I read The Talisman?

You don‘t need to, but The Talisman is an amazing book so you definitely should.

Is The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon scary?

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (1999) is a psychological horror novel by American writer Stephen King. In 2004, a pop-up book adaptation was released with design by Kees Moerbeek and illustration by Alan Dingman. A film adaptation to be produced by Chris Romero was announced in 2019.

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Can a 10 year old read Stephen King?

Rebecca No, your 10 year old son should not read this or any other Stephen King book at his age. This book is too much for some adults, let alone a child. It is not a matter of being a “reading mastermind”, the content is terrifying.

How long is The Talisman?

The Talisman (King and Straub novel)

First edition cover
Authors Stephen King Peter Straub
Pages 921
ISBN 978-0-670-69199-9
Followed by Black House

Was The Talisman ever made into a movie?

Steven Spielberg has been trying to turn The Talisman into something, be it a film or a TV show, since before the book was even published. … A year later, the Boone version appeared to be dead, but Spielberg was still talking about a movie adaptation. “Universal bought the book for me, so it wasn’t optioned.

Is 13 Year Old appropriate?

Netflix’s You Is Definitely Not For Kids — Here’s What to Know If Your Teen Is Asking to Watch. … The creepily addictive thriller, which first aired on Lifetime but is getting a second season thanks to Netflix, is dark, twisted, and gripping . . . but it’s definitely not one for kids to get engrossed in.

Can a 12 year old watch a 15 film with parents?

No one younger than 12 may see a 12A film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult. Adults planning to take a child under 12 to view a 12A film should consider whether the film is suitable for that child. … No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.

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