What is spiritual education?

Spiritual education is training people for life. … By giving children the tools and understanding to make the right choices in life, we can lead them to lasting happiness. Then they will be able to achieve the kind of spiritual victories that are the true meaning of success.

What is the role of spirituality in education?

The important point is that the purpose of teaching along with spirituality is to educate people who, in addition to logic and reason, have a deep and productive feel.

What is spirituality and why is it important?

Spirituality is linked to many important aspects of human behavior; spiritual people have positive relationships, higher self-esteem, are more optimistic, and follow a strong purpose in life.

How do you teach spiritually?

What you can do to nurture your child’s spirituality

  1. Clarify your own beliefs. …
  2. Introduce spirituality early on. …
  3. Don’t pretend to have all the answers. …
  4. Use daily events to teach spirituality. …
  5. Instill an appreciation of nature. …
  6. Tell stories. …
  7. Build on family traditions. …
  8. Make it fun.

What is the spiritual aspect of personality?

The Difference between Moral and Spiritual Aspect of Personality. Moral aspect of personality has to do with a person’s awareness of the difference between right and wrong, while the Spiritual aspect is the person’s consciousness of the higher values in life.

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What are spiritual moral values?

Appreciation of spiritual and moral values informs the life of the truly educated person. When this happens a moral context is given to what one does with the knowledge one has gained. The Chapel exists to give direction to the implementation of spiritual and religious values in character formation.

What are the three aspects of education?

3 Main Aspects of Education According to John Locke

  • Aspect of Education # 1. Physical Education:
  • Aspect of Education # 2. Moral Education:
  • Aspect of Education # 3. Intellectual Education:

What are examples of spirituality?

Spirituality is the state of having a connection to God or the spirit world. An example of spirituality is praying every day. Concern for that which is unseen and intangible, as opposed to physical or mundane. Spiritual character, quality, or nature.

What are the benefits of being spiritual?

Spirituality can promote close family and friendship bonds and help people cope with physical or emotional pain and other life stressors. It can also offer people a strong sense of community, particularly for those who are part of a spiritual group or community.

What is the purpose of being spiritual?

Rather, a spiritual purpose is about establishing a set of values, principles and beliefs that give life meaning to you, and then using them to guide the decisions and actions you take. Finding a spiritual purpose first in life is the opposite approach than what is taken by many people.

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