What is the definition of a talisman?

What does talisman mean?

1 : an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune. 2 : something producing apparently magical or miraculous effects.

What are some examples of talisman?

The definition of a talisman is an object believed to bring good luck. A rabbit’s foot is an example of a talisman. Anything thought to have magic power; a charm. A magical object worn for protection against ill will, or the supernatural, or to confer the wearer with a boon such as good luck, good health, or power(s).

What is the opposite of a talisman?

Antonyms of TALISMAN

spell, jinx, hoodoo, curse, hex.

What is the talisman effect?

A talisman is a protection against evil or disease. … The talisman effect of vitamins and many other modern interventions in providing protection against illness seems to be cryptically embedded in the human psyche.

What is a talisman used for?

Amulet, also called Talisman, an object, either natural or man-made, believed to be endowed with special powers to protect or bring good fortune. Amulets are carried on the person or kept in the place that is the desired sphere of influence—e.g., on a roof or in a field.

What is the difference between an amulet and a talisman?

Amulet is interchangeable with the term talisman. An amulet is an object that is generally worn for protection and most often made from a durable material such as metal or a hard-stone.

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How do you use a talisman?

Talisman sentence example

  1. He wore a glowing talisman on a leather chain around his neck. …
  2. I don’t use history to predict the future, like some talisman that lets me pick winning lottery numbers (don’t I wish). …
  3. He placed the talisman on the door frame of Hannah’s cell.

What is a antonym for bigot?

Opposite of one who is intolerantly devoted to his or her own prejudices. humanitarian. liberal. moderate. tolerator.

What is the meaning of gruffly?

1 : rough, brusque, or stern in manner, speech, or aspect a gruff reply. 2 : being deep and harsh : hoarse a gruff voice.

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