Who is accused of witchcraft in The Crucible?

Elizabeth Proctor is accused of witchcraft by Abigail Williams because Abigail wants to marry Elizabeth’s husband, John, with whom she had an affair while serving in the Proctor household. “She wants me dead,” says Elizabeth of Abigail, and indeed, Abigail does intend for Elizabeth to die.

Which characters were accused of witchcraft in The Crucible?

Many people were accused of witchcraft in The Crucible including Tituba, Giles Corey, Martha Corey, Rebecca Nurse, Goody Osborne, Goody Good and John Proctor. In addition to these accused, the court signed death warrants for many others.

Who was accused of witchcraft in The Crucible Act 2?

In Act Two of The Crucible, we see some key figures arrested for witchcraft; among them are Elizabeth Proctor, Martah Corey, and Rebecca Nurse.

Who lost 7 babies in the crucible?

In the 1953 play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, Thomas Putnam is married to Ann Putnam, and together have a daughter, Ruth Putnam, who is afflicted with a grave illness, similar to that of Betty Parris. They both have lost seven children in childbirth, and pointed to witchcraft as the cause of it.

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Why is Ann Putnam jealous of Rebecca?

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Mrs. Putnam’s jealousy of Rebecca Nurse stems from the fact that Mrs. Putnam has had many children die in childbirth, while Rebecca Nurse has had no problem bearing children. Ultimately, this leads to the accusation of Rebecca Nurse for witchcraft, for which she is sentenced and hanged.

What evidence is used against Martha Corey?

The two pieces of evidence used against Martha Corey in The Crucible are her habit of reading “strange books” and Walcott’s accusation that she bewitched his livestock so that none of his pigs can live longer than four weeks.

Why does Mary Warren accuse Proctor of witchcraft at the end of this scene?

Answer:Mary sees how Abby has turned the judges against her, and because she fears being accused of being a witch, she denounces her previous claims of having pretended, and accuses John of influencing her. … John ends up being accused of witchcraft, and Mary saves her own neck.

Who has the most power in The Crucible Act 2?

Abigail Williams has the most power in The Crucible. Just one word from Abigail is enough to send an innocent person to their death if they are convicted as a witch. Abigail relishes her newfound power because as a young woman in a patriarchal, Puritan society, she’s never had any power before.

Who was pregnant in the crucible?

In Act Three of Miller’s play “The Crucible,” readers (or watchers) come to find out that Elizabeth Proctor is pregnant. Elizabeth has been accused (through Abigail’s scheming) given that she has a poppet in her home.

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What were the girls doing in the wood The Crucible?

The girls were dancing in the woods because they were participating in superstitious rituals with Parris’ Barbadian slave, Tituba. In Act 1, Abigail says that, as they danced, “Tituba conjured Ruth’s sisters to come out of the grave.” Ruth’s mother, Mrs.

Who is the most innocent character in the crucible?

Who is the most innocent character in the crucible?

  • John Proctor is an innocent man accused of witchcraft by his former lover Abigail.
  • Elizabeth Proctor is John’s wife, who is convicted of witchcraft but spared by the court when it’s found that she’s pregnant.
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